1. 23:49 14th Apr 2013

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    “Her entire species must be eradicated.”- Catching Fire (2013)

  2. subliminalmessagemakesmegowoah said: I don't know if you know or not but Sam Claflin is Finnick Odair.

    i do know, and i think they’re missing out in a major way not casting jesse williams. 

  3. Anonymous said: you know the huffington post did an article on your tumblr right?

    i do! thx anon.

  6. wolfintestine asked: wtf at this tumblr it’s so strange but perfect

  9. Anonymous said: This is the best. blog. ever. Keep doing what you're doing.

    Thank you! I know I’ve been MIA for the last couple days (endless dr’s appointments, general curled-up-in-the-corner-rocking-and-waiting-to-die-allergy-ness), but that’ll change today I promise. Keep the submissions coming (and send pictures too!)